There are many benefits for you to consider when it comes to your car window tinting, apart from the fact that it looks great.

Reduces Heat – There’s nothing worse than having one arm burning in the heat from driving in your car. Automotive window films have solar control properties that drastically reduce the level of heat gain inside your car, therefore providing greater comfort for the driver and passengers. It will also lead to better fuel efficiency as the car owner would rely less on air conditioning to provide comfort. Most films will reduce the heat entering by around 50% – 70%.

Reduces Glare – Glare can be not only distractive but also dangerous. Window film minimizes the level of glare entering the car. This will prevent straining your eyes and improve the safety and vision whilst driving. Our range of window films reduce the glare anywhere from 50% – 80%.

Blocks UV Rays – Window tint blocks up to 99% of UV Rays. It helps reduce the level of interior fading and of course protects yourself from damaging rays. Protect yourself and your car.

Safety – Installing window film also helps to resist the glass shattering in the event of an accident.

Not only does window film have these benefits but it also keeps your car looking good! To view examples of our work and the various styles of window films please visit our gallery.

We also have a no gap top edge service available(ask for prices). Instead of trimming the top edge of your window we use point files to file the excess tint. This gives the effect of the tint being part of the glass.

We Use Dyed Charcoal Tint film for our installations.

Dyed Charcoal Tint Benefits:

Privacy & Style
Dyed charcoal tint construction helps create privacy and gives automotive glass a dramatic, darkened appearance.

Low Reflection
A variety of tint shades, all without a reflective, mirror-like effect when viewed from a vehicle’s interior or exterior.

Optical Clarity
No hazy, foggy effects to interfere with visibility. Views of both road and roadside scenery are sharp and clear.

Added Comfort
Tint creates “shade” and helps cool and protect from the sun’s glare, heat, and UV rays for improved comfort.

These Products are warranted by the Manufacturer against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure and delamination, for lifetime after installation.